Last Saturday

First weeks in London as a Londoner have been stressful, exciting and again, very stressful. I have stressed almost about everything so far, but let’s see how things start to go.

Doing pleasant things helps a lot to not feel so stressed, so last Saturday was fun just to go out and take some photos.

Wearing my favorite vintage leather trousers, heels from Bevza and shirt from Joseph.

Vintage leather

This is one of my vintage leather jackets that I have bought recently. I have also another vintage leather jacket which is shorter and comes with a belt. Love them both! It’s in sane how good quality this is, very thick leather. Some things I just rather want to buy vintage - and leather jackets are those things. I am wearing also vintage silver hoop earrings.

Like I wrote, “I want to be a BEVZA girl this summer”, I definitely becoming one. Own now two pairs of Bevza shoes. I bought these black Bevza ankle boots via Mr. Larkin online store and couldn’t be happier! Perfect square-toe boots with low heel. I have also bought a pair of beige Bevza heels from - going to wear them a lot this summer.

Here I’m in London, and have to be honest, this leather jacket was a bit too much on that day when the temperature rose almost to +23 degrees.