Boxy me

It is best time now to start wearing boots and layering with clothes because of Fall weather. Fall is my favorite time of the year what comes to style. But I have to admit that I am not fully ready to give up my sandals. I wanna walk around with open-toes and mules as long as it's possible.

This was my outfit from last sunday. REALLY like these Acne sandals, best sale found on this summer definitely.

I am wearing almost fully vintage look. My jeans are vintage Levis 501 and this shirt is latest vintage found. 'A bit' too large for me in size 44, but still perfect because I love the oversize, boxy look.

Other reason why I wanted to buy this shirt was that it reminds me of Italy (i don't know why??). I want to travel there soon.

Wearing vintage shirt from Marimekko, vintage jeans from Levis and sandals from Acne.